Since I applied NW6.5sp8 to our ZDM7SP1_HP2 server (January Driver Updates were in
place before), the PXE boot gets stuck at

downloading config file cmds\z_maint.cmd

I had this very same issue before, there I missed to drop the correct version of
sys:\tftp\boot\settings.txt, after doing so, PXE boot was working fine again.

I doublechecked, that the right copies of the files initrd, linux and root are to be
found in sys:tftp and ./boot.

I *CAN* sucessfully download the z_maint.cmd file through

tftp -i get cmds/z_maint.cmd

There is a very similar thread:

The server in that thread is running on W2k3, not NW, as we use. So I suspect, that
it might be a simple "wrong files issue", even though I really checked initrd, ...
several times.

What's my mistake?

Regards, Rudi.