I've been trying to get remote management to work over the Internet for a while now and after reading through the forums and documentation, I'm still not getting it to work.

Currently, I'm just trying to test remote controlling over the internet by going over my own firewall from our internal network to a system on our public Wi-Fi network so I can watch the communication from both sides on my firewall. I've installed my remote manager proxy and gave the server a NAT address, but haven't opened any firewall ports from the outside/Wi-Fi to that server yet because I'm not even seeing attempted communication between my Wi-Fi network and the RM Proxy.

From the Control Center, I have also gone into the Remote Management settings and added my RM Proxy's network (not NAT) IP address to the Proxy settings, specified the Wi-Fi's subnet range and the default port. I am receiving the workstation's Wi-Fi IP address under its details but getting a disconnected Agent Status. In my firewall I can see communication from the ZCM server to the workstation over port 7628 and from my workstation to the other over port 5950. On the reverse side I am seeing blocked communications from my Wi-Fi network trying to communicate back to my ZCM's NAT address using random TCP ports which are getting flagged as being out of state packets. Nowhere in this process is my Remote Management proxy server being hit.

As far as my firewall rules, I have TCP 5950 open from my authorized remote management workstations to any destination, TCP 7628 open from the ZCM server to any destination, and TCP 2645 open from any source to my ZCM server. HTTP and HTTPS are also open from any source to the ZCM server.

What I am ultimately trying to do is get configured so that I can remote control my laptop users no matter where they are...home, hotel, or hotspot location. I have to be missing a step somewhere but I'm just not seeing where that step is. Can anyone shed some light on it? Thanks!