I have GW 8sp1hp1 running fine on 5 out of 6 nodes in my OES 2sp1 cluster
except for WebAccess. It doesn't work on any node. Tomcat logs indicate it
is still trying to run 8.00. The agent logs appear to be OK and at the
right version. Re-running the installer is of no help, neither is
restarting tomcat or the node. Monitor shows the agent running fine.
Sometimes when it runs I get a login page w/o most of the graphics and after
logging in, the screen is garbled/missing most content.

Any way to force a re-install of the application? I really don't have a
good understanding of WA on Linux to know what content should be in what
folders after a successful installation.

For now, I have one node still at GW 8 sp1 to run WebAccess on.


Todd Bowman
Senior IS Professional
University of Minnesota Physicians