We have an imaging server, running NW 6.5 SP7 that is storing over 130 million “tiff” files. Actually most of the files are archived to an EMC Centera. We currently use NetBackup as our enterprise backup solution and still use tapes. However, due to the quantity of files and size of the volume (2.7 TB) we can’t back them up. The volume is on our SAN and replicated to our DR site. We’ve been asked by upper management search for a way to copy this data to media that can disconnected from the existing network to ensure this data is “incorruptible” in case of a disaster. My question to all: Is anybody using hardware/software that can accomplish this? Of course it has to support Netware. We’d also have to resync it periodically to update the data then disconnect again. Thanx, in advance for any insight to this challenge.