Steve DaNaher wrote:

> Anyone know of some software or something to peruse the common log

> and pull out info for certain users or groups of users? We have
> brdstats.exe, but that does not pull out info that we are looking

> Any suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Steve

I created a batch file that will move do a FIND of the info we are
looking for and output that into another file. it also moves the log

file to temp directory so others don't get in the way (and then when finished, moves the full log to a complete directory so we have the
history if we need it)

(mapped I to the log directory)
move *.log temp
cd temp
find /i "porn" *.log > porn.log
find /i "192.168.3" *.log > remoteoffice.log

that is a stripped down version (actually have the finds go into their

own directory and run brdstats seperatedly on them)

The batch file is then put into the schedule of a pc to run on monday

mornings to give us last weeks info.

It isn't real pretty, but it does the job for us, and is very easy to

maintain by adding more finds, etc. Just make sure that you don't
already a x.htm for a log when brdstats runs, or it will skip that