I have a problem with imaging a netware 6.0sp3 server on a ML350G3
(and i have tried the HP smartstart6 fix for DOS, it's not that fault... SP23572.exe)
On the virtual machine I am running Portlock Boot CD
and on the fysical server Portlock Storage Manager v5.02
I know it's not the newest, but i don't know how to put the newest PSM into the boot cd.... and if it's a newer version on the fysical server the PSM complains about that and will not clone the machine... :-)
The DOS partion is 1000MB

The FAT16 sector count is larger than the partion
Partion Size(sectors): 2,048,128
Dos FAT16 size(Sectors): 3,076,288

then more information that found some where...
Partion Size: 1000MB
Partion Type [06] Dos FAT16 >=32MB
Device information:success
Partion table: success
Fat Boot Sector: failed -error 5-2-735
FAT Type:
FAT Tables:


The fysical machine works fine, but i can't clone the dos partion.
What to do?