I've done some tests on my network, and find that the new proxy does
cure the Macintosh SSL proxy authentication problem...at least for us.

I installed the beta bm37sp2 patch (which has a more recent version of

proxy.nlm), and also tested with the Mac-specific proxy.nlm with the

All tests are done using a PowerMac G3 running Mac OSX 10.2.4.
(Gate4.wmston.k12.mi.us is the test BM machine, xx.xx.xx.xx has been
substituted for our internal IP address)

Using Safari (1.0 beta v60):
Page fails to load, with error message "Could not open the page

' because Safari couldnt connect to the server

Using Camino (.70):
Page fails to load, with error message "The document contains no data"

Using OmniWeb 4.1, and 4.2:
It works properly.

From IE (5.2.2)
Page never loads, endless beach ball cursor, status bar reports
to xx.xx.xx.xx"

From iCab (2.9.1):
Page does not display, status bar shows "Connected to xx.xx.xx.xx"
temporarily, but the login page never appears.

Mozilla 1.3 (Gecko 20030312)
Page fails to load, with error message "The document contains no data"

Netscape 7.02 (Gecko 20030208)
Works properly.

I believe I have the proxy configured correctly. My proxy.cfg follows:

[MiniWeb Server]

[MiniWeb Server: Mime Types]
Content-Type: text/html=htm,html
Content-Type: text/plain=txt,text,cla,class
Content-Type: image/gif=gif
Content-Type: image/jpeg=jpg,jpeg,jpe,jfif,pjpeg,pjp
Content-Type: image/tiff=tiff,tif
Content-Type: image/x-xbitmap=xbm
Content-Type: video/x-msvideo=avi
Content-Type: video/quicktime=qt,mov,moov
Content-Type: video/x-mpeg2=mpv2,mp2v
Content-Type: video/mpeg=mpeg,mpg,mpe,mpv,vbs,mpegv
Content-Type: audio/x-pn-realaudio=ra,ram
Content-Type: audio/x-mpeg=mpega,mp2,mpa,abs
Content-Type: audio/x-wav=wav
Content-Type: audio/x-aiff=aif,aiff,aifc
Content-Type: application/x-ns-proxy-autoconfig=pac

[Extra Configuration]
new302Redirect = 1
[Log Format]

I have not tried the new setup in Mac OS9. For what it's worth...

-sigh- sure wish it had worked with either Safari or Camino.

--> John
John Endahl, District Network Administrator
Williamston Community Schools

"A mind is a fire to be kindled, not a vessel to be filled."