Remote PC running WinXP with Nortel Contivity VPN Client v04_60.51 and NW Client 4.91sp4. The BM VPN is not installed on the PC. I understand that both Nortel and BM VPN Client cannot be installed on the remote PC, one or the other.

The remote PC is logging into the corporate HQ network using the Nortel Client with the RSA key. Once connected, use the nwclient to log into the satelitte division location. RemotePC--(NortelVPN)-->CorpHQ---(WAN)-->Div-->Netware(NAT)-->Internal

At the division site a netware6.5 box has been set up to NAT from public(corp) to private(div). BM has not been installed. The ip the remotePC points to in the nwclient is a static NAT which points to an internal nw6.5 server. The remotePC is able to ping the static NAT'd ip. Thus, assuming the internal is responding.

The nwclient is unable to login. Suggestions/Questions?

The issue is the developers had used MS Access in a way that needs a drive mapping to run the applications that will access files off of the file server.