I seem to be having an issue with some test users created in all of my user OUs. It's not seeming to apply the DLU policy to accounts that have the same password and duplicate names in other containers.

For instance I have a student body OU that contains OUs for the graduating class. For example:


These users all have the same user name and password, but are in different containers. ZCM user source is eDirectory and the DLU policy is assigned to the SB container.

Whenever I try to log in to one of those users, it prompts me for the Workstation login as well. If I change the password on one of the users, I can log in with that user with DLU applied.

Does ZCM's DLU not work in instances such as the above, or am I doing something wrong?

(I have also tried setting the policy closer to the accounts by applying it to the "2010" or "2011" containers.