My current configuration is two Netware Clusters. I'm moving to Linux without clustering. I currently have a Primary Domain/Postoffice, GWIADomain/GWIA, and GWWEBDomain/Webaccess. I see no real advantage of having a Webaccess Domain now that I'm not clustering. My new design I'm thinking of having the Primary Domain service the Post Office on a separate server. A Internet Domain service Gwia and Webaccess, with the Internet Domain and GWIA being on the same server and Webaccess would be on a separate server.

New Design:
OS=OES, FS=NSS, Services=PrimDOM
OS=SLES, FS=EXT3, Services=PO
OS=OES, FS=NSS, Services=IntDom and GWIA
OS=SLES, FS=EXT3, Services=Webaccess

The reason for the different OSes and File systems is because I don't want to deal with ConsoleOne Issues and potential Domain database corruption, and NSS on Linux I continue to hear is slower than EXT3 and I need the fastest file system for services facing my clients.