Hi Folks,

We are in the process of upgrading our tree from Netware 5.1 to 6.0.
present setup for Border Manager 3.5 is as follows:

Netware 5.1 SP4
Edirectory 8.5 (85.27c)
Border Manager 3.5 (SP3)

We want to go to the new configuration as follows
Netware 6.0
Edirectory 8.6.2
Border Manager 3.7 (SP?)

The question is: Assuming that I can migrate to BM 3.7 before
migrating to
Edirectory 8.6, how do I convert all rules to NDS & manage them usingimanager. I know that if you install BM 3.7 on Netware 6, it installs
imanager snapin. So will I have to reinstall BM 3.7 if I upgrade to
edirectory 8.6.2 later?

Thanks in advance.