We make a extensive use of the Bordermanager cache hierarchy feature,
forces our regional Bordermanager servers to get all their content
from the
main Bordermanager server at the hub of our hub-and-spokes VPN
network. Each
spoke location has its own DSL connection, and we use Netscreen 5XP
firewalls to create a VPN connection to the hub site, where there's aNetscreen 25. The spoke BM servers are always forced to use the cachehierarchy, which means they have to ask the BM server at the hub of
network for any HTTP requests.

This all seems to work perfectly well, except that if we download a
(using HTTP) from one of the spoke sites, the download often fails
with a

"Internet Explorer cannot download gw6sp2m.exe from ftp3.novell.com.
connection with this server's web page was lost".

Normal web surfing through the hierarchy seems to work absolutely
fine, and
we also make a lot of use of the VPN for FTP'ing files from the hub
out to
the spoke sites, which also works flawlessly. I am told that if a
spoke user
sets his IE proxy to the hub BM server rather than the spoke BM
server he'd
normally use, the problem still occurs, although I have not witnessed
myself. Downloads for me, from the hub site, work absolutely fine - it
only when the hierarchy is used that the spoke sites have trouble.

I've upped the cache neighbour timeouts to several minutes, which has
no difference, and also tried changing the hierarchy over to the CERNprotocol rather than the default ICP. This did seem to fix it for a
but the problem's back again. Occasionally, some files/sites will
correctly, but others will not - I have not been able to find any
link between the ones which work ok and the ones which don't. If we
the spoke BM servers to get their content directly from the Internet,
the DSL connection, then downloads work fine, but for security and
reasons we would prefer to have all our websurfing going through a

Our BM servers are 3.6, running on NW5.1.4, and there are no other
(that we know of) - everything seems to work fine apart from this. Ifanyone's got any ideas on where the problem might be, I'd be grateful.