Hello, I am so new to Novell and I am lost. Here is my current issue.
I have an HP mini 2140 mini notebook with XP pro SP3. The machine was used to create my base image and has worked fine for several months now. We are currently in the process of moving our Zenworks from one dieing server to three new healthy servers. We are running ZCM 10.2.2 and the newest Novell client. So, I went into the imagining menu and removed the guid. I then did a quick format on the hard drive. After that I restored the machine from XP SP2 disks. I then did all of the windows updates minus these(IE8, powershell 1.0,windows genuine advantage, I believe there is one more but it escapes me at the moment). I then updated the bios, the chipset, the network drivers, sound, touchpad, webcam, and I think that may be it. I am running Kaspersky AV version 8, IE7, Firefox 3.6, Office 2007, CS4 web premium. Open Office, as my main installs. The Office 2007 came as virtual apps from Zen. I took the administrators NTUSER.DAT and replaced the default user NTUSER.dat
Everything loooked good. Now here is what is going on.
If I log in as "workstation only" under administrator everything runs great. But, if I try to look normally as my self with admin rights or as a test user with user rights. Everything loads then the "ZenUserDaemon.exe experienced an error and must close. Box comes up. And the Zen will not load. Then at that point I can not restart the service even with admin rights or anything. But the machine functions minus the Zen and everything that goes with it.
Then I log out and log in as "workstation only admin" everything is fine. If I create my self or my test user in windows and then try to log in I get the same error message.
I have reviewed the logs and they make no real sense to me. I did notice that the windows system logs had mentions of a dcom component not having rights to start. I then tried a few different ways of giving the Zen service admin rights at start up with no luck. I then went and found the CLIS string but I could not find it in Component Administration to try and look at it. I am not even sure if the two are tied together. I don't have the windows event in front of me I left it at work by mistake.
I really need to get this figured out I am not sure how much more info I can get from home as I am very new to Novell (8months) but I will try to collect as much as I can.