I'm looking at having to migrate a business that relies on
Netware-shared/based apps for almost everything they do, and I would
like some input on what kind of problems I might face. For example,
some apps run from the server but are developed in FoxPro, some Access,
and some are custom programs designed to run from the server but
executing on the Windows workstation.

It seems to me that we've had to sometimes make adjustments for running
from Netware servers instead of Windows, to start with.

Is it reasonable to hope that all these apps will work under SUSE
instead? I realize I'll have to do some extensive testing but I'd
certainly like to know what I'm getting into, and whether others have
hit massive app issues or have found the transition transparent.

Thanks. The site also does extensive Zenworks app deployment, and I'm
presuming that will go relatively smoothly, but the custom apps concern me.

-- DE