We have a two node cluster,

node 1 = OES2SP1 (Soon to be upgraded)
node 2 = OES2SP2 (rebuilt after crash)

Papercut 10 runs on the cluster...

We have run the nss relocate script.. on both servers.

IPrint runs fine on node1

However on NODE2 I get a 403 error page when I goto either


I am pretty sure it worked on node2 before papercut was installed.
Although not 100%

I have checked the symbolic links appear to be there and working..

however I am seeing this in the apache2/error log
Symbolic link not allowed or link target not accessible:

also is iprint_local required? It is present..

I can log into both servers using LUM

if I do a id iprint on the server
uid=602(iprint) gid=602(iprintgrp) groups=602(iprintgrp)

Any help would be great..