In the last two weeks, users at my school have suddenly lost the
ability to
log in to aol's webmail. They are able to connect to, but
they enter a screenname and password, the browser times out when
trying to
access Users have no problems loading other websites
or https).

Unloading the filters has no effect. However, if I bypass the proxy,webmail loads fine. We are running BM 37 sp1 on a Netware 5.1 sp5
eDir 8.6.2, proxy.nlm version 3.71a dated 12/3/02.

NB - While this is probably coincidental, shortly before the problem
reported, I installed the bmmacssl1.exe (SSL Authentication for MAC
Browsers) proxy.nlm patch, but then uninstalled it following repeatedabends.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
- J Dono
Regis High School