We are preparing the process of migrating from Netware to OES (and some services to Windows servers).

Currently with have a lot of scripts, ZENworks applications, etc pointing to the real name of servers. We would like to avoid that in future and use generic names like "InstallServer" in UNC server names and also in login scripts.

Now we got the problem after either creating CNAME entries in DNS or 2nd A-Record entries pointing to the IP of the real server Server that there is a delay during accessing the volumes.

CIFS is NOT configured on the Netware servers

Wireshark tells us
1) query for DNS for CNAME or A-Record name
2) ICMP packet to the ip of the server
3) netbios (NBSS and NBNS packets) to the ip of the server
4) after 4 to 5 seconds it starts commnicating via NCP to the server

How can I solve that issue? Additional entry in SLP for 2nd server name?

Thanks Klaus