could not find any documentation on how to run zman locally from a workstation instead of a server console. Here's how to get make it happen on Windows XP SP3:

1. from the ZCM installation media install the following MSI packages:


This installs the necessary components in \Novell\ZENworks on one of your local drives. Not sure how the drive is selected, maybe just the one with the most free space. Let's assume it will be X:\Novell\ZENworks

2. set an environment variable ZENWORKS_HOME=X:\Novell\ZENworks

3. add X:\Novell\ZENworks\bin to the PATH variable

4. copy the contents of the folder <ZCM Install Dir>\lib\java from your ZCM server to your local workstation's X:\Novell\ZENworks\lib\java folder

5. Log off and on again

Now you can run zman from your local command line.

Cheers, Lothar