A colleague and I have been trying to get iPrint working for Linux clients without success. The iPrint server is running Netware 6.5 Service Pack 8.

We've uploaded a Linux driver to the server an associated it with the printer. On a SLED 11 machine I can do

$ mike@linux-meny:~> iprntcmd --listprintersonserver servername
and I get a list of printers. If I then try and add the printer for which we've added a Linux driver on the server then I get this:
mike@linux-meny:~> iprntcmd -a default ipp://servername/ipp/its_ww_l1MFD
iprntcmd v04.38.00
Adding printer ipp://servername/ipp/its_ww_l1MFD.
Failed to add printer ipp://servername/ipp/its_ww_l1MFD.
    Group Info:   IPRINT-lib
    Error Code:   4111 (0x100F)
    Error Msg:    iPrint Lib - The administrator may not have assigned a driver or the server may not support printer/driver installation for this platform.
    Debug Msg:         IPRINTDownloadPrinterDriver - driver download not supported by the server
Can anyone suggest what we might need to do to get this working?

My colleague expressed surprise at the iprintcmd version number of 4.38 saying it sounded very out of date, but it's the version that's included in SLED 11 and I can't find a newer version.