I've been having this issue since GW7 and now with GW8 I'd like to make a serious attempt to fix it. I use my Windows Group Policy and the "Run only Allowed Windows Applications" in my office, which works pretty well for restricting my users.

When my users are in the lockdown or "Standard" policy, the Attachment button when they try to create a new message in GW doesn't remember the last folder location used for an attachment, but when I turn on the unrestricted or "Admin" policy it remembers.

So far I've added ever EXE and OCX file under the GroupWise folder to my policy, with no success and I'm getting ready to go through the DLL files, which I don't want to do because it would mean testing a few hundred. If you're asking what lead me to adding these DLLs to policy, I've run across a Microsoft and ZenWorks DLL in the past which were getting blocked by the "Run Only" policy and once I added them the actions they were responsible for started working.

Has anyone either already done this and know what files need to be permitted by policy, you would a lifesaver, or know what executables, DLLs, procedure calls, etc take place when you click the attachment button to help narrow my search? Thanks!