We have GroupWise 8.01 and are having issues with
the Excel "Send to" feature. . . .

We've had two problems:

- Excel crashes with a "Microsoft Office Excel
is waiting for another application to complete an OLE
action" error. [cf. TID 7003551]

- "General mail failure. Quit Microsoft Office Excel,
restart the mail system, and try again".

The 'natives' (especially the chiefs) are getting restless
and don't want to hear they need to save the file, close
Excel, and then attach the file to an email. (Going back
to GroupWise 7 client--as recommended by the TID--
isn't an easy solution, as we moved from 6.5 to 8.01
over the holidays . . . and would only stir up the pro-
Exchange lobbyists.)

- Has any progress been made on resolving these type
of "Send to" errors? [The above TID mentions it was
reported to Engineering, but this was back in June.]

- Is there any work-around for getting this to work