Hello all,
I am having a weird issue after running my weekend maintenance job. I usually run Analyze/Fix with Struct/Index/Content and fix problems checked. But for this weekend I updated the job with "Update user disk total" also.

Now I have several users across multiple post offices where there mailbox percentage went from 40% to 2048%. Another user from 63% to 747%.

I went to a report from 2 weeks ago and these users mailbox size were much smaller. I feel like groupwise is incorrectly showing this number because it has happened to different users in different post offices after the "update disk total".

I am running GroupWise 8.0.1 on Netware 6.5 sp8. I ran a repair Analyze/Fix with Struct/Index/Content and fix problems on the user from ConsoleOne and still shows the user is using a lot of space.

Not sure what to run to fix the issue. These users cannot send out mail because they are over limit. Any ideas what's going on? I was thinking to run a local Gwcheck against one of the users to see if that helps.