I installed Border Manager on my Netware 5.1 (SP5) server (also
Zenworks 3.1), and is our only server, and now every few days my
slow rights down (10-20 minutes instead of 10-20 seconds), and the
Internet stops dead (those machines going through the proxy)..

I found that if I unload Proxy, everything seems to return to normal.

However when I reload proxy it never completes loading (and the
returns until rebooting the server). And sometime proxy will not even


When this happens the only way to return to normal is to turn the
off on the server as it hangs when downing it..

Some additional notes, I did the service pack 1 install but it did not

help, and I do not have Filters configured or enabled (just using the

transparent proxy to block specific sites).. I have a seperate cache


Any one have any ideas?