I've been following all of the directions I've found on the forums and I still cannot seem to do this. Here's my issue - I've got a NetWare 6.5 server and a SLES 10 server with OES 2 on it. I have a DATA volume on each formatted with NSS. I've copied all of the files from the NetWare server's DATA volume over to the SLES server's DATA volume and I'm now using RSYNC to keep them in sync. I've copied the tcnvlnx.nlm from the SLES server, which allows me to create SLES-compatible xml file. From everything I've read, I just need to replace the trustee_database.xml file on each SLES volume's ._NETWARE folder with the volume-named xml file I got from running the tcnvlnx.nlm on the NetWare server and then run the command "ncpcon nss sync= <volumename>" to re-sync the trustee rights up to eDirectory.

Where I'm getting stuck is in location this supposed ._NETWARE folder on the SLES server. Either I have rights issues or the information posted on the forums is incorrect in some way. I've tried every path I can think of to step my way down into this folder and/or view it and/or find files in it and I'm getting nowhere. I've even used the FIND command and it only sees the trustee_database.xml file in a folder it says doesn't even exist (sounds like rights issue?). Here's my FIND command and results:

wtdslesrsync01:/ # find / -name trustee_database.xml
find: /opt/novell/nss/mnt/.pools/DATA: Not a directory

So I'm now at a loss. Anyone actually been successful in getting this file in place and can provide some insight/assistance?

Appreciate everyone's help in advance.