We are looking at using Citrix XenDesktop 4 to deliver applications and
Virtualized Desktops to users over the Internet.
We have AD and eDir(still on NW not scheduled to move for some months)
in our env. (i.e No Domain Services for Windows until OES2 Linux, but
there will still be Citrix Novell issues there as well).

user IDs are synched via IDM
Users use Novel client to login and get access to AD resources and eDir
This all works fine on internal desktops Virtual or Physical.
I am hearing web rumors that the Citrix XenDesktop4 environment can not
work with Virtual Desktops that need to have the Novell Client.
Right now desktops are still XP and client is the latest.

Anyone know what the poop is with this ?

Thanks in advance for any feedback