We are running ZCM 10.2 on a SUSE Linux server. It has been running good, until recently. We attempted to do some imaging with a new machine and it required the latest March PRU.
I looked at our ZCM and it reported we had 10.2.0. I went to configuration and searched for latest updates. It came back with Support Pack 2 for ZCM (10.2). I downloaded it. I also downloaded Update for ZCM 10.2.2, and the March PRU.
I then had it deploy the support pack, in the deploying service pack it now says STATIS PENDING = 0 Successful =1.
I then rebooted the ZCM server. When I go to check the version, it still reports ZCM 10.2.0?
So, I then went to Update for ZCM 10.2.2, and attempted to deploy it to the server. I get the message that the service pack is required before I can go any further.
I am new to SUSE, and very limited in working knowlege of the ZCM. I am not sure how I need to proceed. The original config was done by an outside vendor who was not successful in setting it up. We then had a gentleman come in and who set it up, to this point. So I am running blind.
I can tell you that I do not see it anywhere that it is baselined? I also know that when the last gentleman did the last work, he did that manual update from 10.0 to 10.2. I show several 10.1xxx updates that were never deployed, at least not automatically.
So at this point, I believe I have a ZCM server at 10.2, with a support pack 2 that was successfully deployed and installed, but I can go no further.
Note: I attemped to do the manual install of the spk, and got no further.

Any ideas?