From a system with a 40 GB drive--single partition--I took a ZCM image. I then replaced the 40 GB drive with an 80 GB drive. Restored the image. Ruh-roh! I now have two 40 GB partitions. I need a single 80 GB partition. I looked through the manual, but can't find info on resizing an image.

How do I tell the imaging process to create an 80 GB partition rather than 40 GB/40 GB?

Here are the steps I took after uploading the initial image:

* Pulled the 40 GB drive.
* Installed the 80 GB drive.
* Booted to DOS; fdisk to delete the existing partition.
* PXE booted to the imaging server.
* Manually imaged: img -rp image-name
* Rebooted: Found that the image had created two 40 GB partitions.
* PXE booted to the imaging server.
* img -pa {Gave me current partition info and drive capacity in MB}
* img -pd 2 {Deleted the second 40 GB partition}
* img -pd 1 {Deleted the first 40 GB partition}
* img -pa {Confirmed partitions gone}
* img -pc 1 -type=NTFS -size=76420 {Created an ~80 GB partition}
* img -rp image-name
* Rebooted: Gah! Two partitions again.