I have followed the tips on the discussion forum you talked before,
but this problem still exist. I still keep getting several ABEND
message everyday. Now it's running BorderManager 3.7 with SP1.

Server NS2 halted Wednesday, April 2, 2003 7:46:32.009 am
Abend 4 on P00: Server-5.60c: Page Fault Processor Exception
(Error code 00000000)

CS = 0008 DS = 0010 ES = 0010 FS = 0010 GS = 0010 SS = 0010
EAX = 00000000 EBX = 3E0D7004 ECX = 00000000 EDX =
ESI = CE188340 EDI = 00B8D494 EBP = 3E0D7004 ESP =
EIP = CE033F28 FLAGS = 00010046
CE033F28 8B4040 MOV EAX,[EAX+40]=?
EIP in PROXY.NLM at code start +00044F28h
Access Location: 0x00000040

The violation occurred while processing the following instruction:
CE033F28 8B4040 MOV EAX,[EAX+40]
CE033F2B 8BB0ED020000 MOV ESI,[EAX+000002ED]
CE033F31 898424F8020000 MOV [ESP+000002F8],EAX
CE033F3A 0F8437020000 JZ CE034177
CE033F40 F6461001 TEST byte ptr [ESI+10],01
CE033F44 0F842D020000 JZ CE034177
CE033F4A 8B8698000000 MOV EAX,[ESI+00000098]
CE033F50 8DB800100000 LEA EDI,[EAX+00001000]
CE033F56 3BBE9C000000 CMP EDI,[ESI+0000009C]

Running process: Server 219 Process
Thread Owned by NLM: SERVER.NLM
Stack pointer: 87BA4F80
OS Stack limit: 87B9D040
Scheduling priority: 67371008
Wait state: 50500F0 Waiting for work
Stack: --00000734 ?
--00000004 ?
--8500313F ?
--00000000 ?
--000003E8 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
D35FD506 (FILESYS.NLM|NetWareReadFile+4E6)
--05A4C600 ?
--B40F0A54 ?
--00000000 ?
--87BA4C78 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00010020 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000048 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000001 ?
--00000001 ?
--00010024 ?
--00000008 ?
--000001A4 ?
--0402F6EE ?
--87BA49EC ?
--00000000 ?
CC464926 (MASV.NLM|MADSTestConnAsServerOperator+286)
--CC0E7280 ?
--00000003 ?
--00000000 ?
--CBE09020 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000002 ?
CC467300 (MASV.NLM|MASV_SASDeregisterService+2B0)
--00000000 ?
-CC476A00 (MASV.NLM|(Data Start)+1A00)
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
CC471D00 (MASV.NLM|MASVGetVolumeLabel+A810)
--00000000 ?
--87BA4E8C ?
--0402F6EE ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--87BA4DA8 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--3DFE0000 ?
--87BA4DB8 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--D19BCE84 ?
--00000000 ?
--87BA4D68 ?
--87BA4D80 ?
--87BA4D98 ?
--87BA4D9C ?
--87BA4DA0 ?
--87BA4DA4 ?
--87BA4DA8 ?
--00000210 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000802 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000030 ?
--87BA4F10 ?
--00000003 ?
CC464926 (MASV.NLM|MADSTestConnAsServerOperator+286)
--CC0E7280 ?
--00000003 ?
--87BA0000 ?
--87BA4E20 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--3DFE7724 ?
--00000000 ?
--87BA4DD0 ?
--87BA4DE8 ?
--87BA4E00 ?
--87BA4E04 ?
--87BA4E08 ?
--87BA4E0C ?
--87BA4E10 ?
--00000210 ?
--BC646482 ?
--00000000 ?
--0001004B ?
--0000000C ?
D37F7C82 (NSS.NLM|NSSMPK_LockNss+62)
--00000210 ?
--28156482 ?
--87BA4F10 ?

Additional Information:
The CPU encountered a problem executing code in PROXY.NLM.
The problem may be in that module or in data passed to that module
by a process owned by SERVER.NLM.

Loaded Modules:
PROXY.NLM Novell Internet Proxy Server NLM PXY36_4
Version 3.71d December 19, 2002
Code Address: CDFEF000h Length: 000BEED4h
Data Address: CE0B0000h Length: 00062E60h
JNDPS.NLM Native Wrapper Java Class Libraries for NDPS
Version 2.01 June 13, 2002
Code Address: C762A000h Length: 0000E3B7h
Data Address: C763A000h Length: 00002374h
DPLSV386.NLM NetWare 5.x, 6.x Distributed Print Library -
Version 1.07a June 12, 2002
Code Address: C746D000h Length: 0005E955h
Data Address: C74CE000h Length: 00006628h
NIPPED.NLM NetWare 5.x, 6.x INF File Editing Library - NIPPED
Version 1.02 June 4, 2002
Code Address: C7267000h Length: 000051D0h
Data Address: C726E000h Length: 0000016Ch
Version 3.00k July 11, 2002
Code Address: C7040000h Length: 00004F7Fh
Data Address: C7047000h Length: 00001B10h
JCLNT.NLM NetWare JClient-Native (Build 1.1.1042)
Version 1.01 November 29, 2001
Code Address: C6FD6000h Length: 0001B741h
Data Address: C6FF3000h Length: 0000AD60h
JCLNTR.NLM NetWare JClient-Native Resources (Build 1.1.1042)
Version 1.01 November 29, 2001
Code Address: C6F92000h Length: 00002161h
Data Address: C6F96000h Length: 0000086Ch
TSAPROXY.NLM NetWare Windows Client Proxy Target Service
Version 6.00 June 12, 2001
Code Address: C5582000h Length: 00001B7Bh
Data Address: C5585000h Length: 000007BCh
Version 5.14 January 18, 2000
Code Address: C547F000h Length: 0000A021h
Data Address: C548B000h Length: 00000FD8h
Global Code Address: C548D000h Length: 00001000h
TSA600.NLM NetWare 6.0 Target Service Agent
Version 6.00b June 14, 2002
Code Address: C4FDB000h Length: 0002E193h
Data Address: C500B000h Length: 00012380h
TCPSTATS.NLM Web Interface for Protocol Monitoring
Version 6.00i April 24, 2002
Code Address: C4C15000h Length: 000154CCh
Data Address: C4C97000h Length: 0000FA70h
NLSADAPT.NLM NLSAPI Remote Adapter for NetConsole
Version 1.02 November 15, 2001
Code Address: C4B98000h Length: 00002CDDh
Data Address: C4B9C000h Length: 000007A5h
SMDR.NLM NetWare SMS Data Requestor
Version 6.00b June 18, 2002
Code Address: C4B29000h Length: 00026A69h
Data Address: C4B51000h Length: 000028A0h
Version 1.02 January 9, 2002
Code Address: C4AB8000h Length: 00005D63h
Data Address: C4ABF000h Length: 00000A78h
NLSLRUP.NLM Novell License Metering
Version 2.00b May 21, 2002
Code Address: C49F0000h Length: 0002C66Ah
Data Address: C4A1E000h Length: 0000B470h
HWDETECT.NLM Novell Hardware Insertion/Removal Detection
Version 1.18d June 27, 2002
Code Address: C4937000h Length: 00002AF3h
Data Address: C493B000h Length: 00000D3Ch
NDSTRAP.NLM NetWare 5.x NDS Event Monitor
Version 5.00a May 23, 2000
Code Address: C1ABA000h Length: 0000826Bh
Data Address: C23D1000h Length: 00002F14h
RADCLNT.NLM Novell Radius Client ADM Authentication Provider
Version 1.01 June 14, 2000
Code Address: CC4C9000h Length: 000025F0h
Data Address: CC4CD000h Length: 00000604h
SERVINST.NLM NetWare 5.x Instrumentation
Version 5.00b May 23, 2000
Code Address: CC3F6000h Length: 0000FD7Ch
Data Address: CC407000h Length: 00007414h
NADMSNAP.NLM Novell ADM Authentication Provider
Version 1.11 June 26, 2002
Code Address: CC37A000h Length: 0000F409h
Data Address: CC39F000h Length: 000019E4h
NWTRAP.NLM NetWare 5.x Trap Monitor
Version 5.00a May 23, 2000
Code Address: CC166000h Length: 000065F3h
Data Address: CC16E000h Length: 0000A2D0h
BRDMON.NLM Border Service SNMP/NCP Monitor NLM PXY024
Version 3.60b September 14, 2001
Code Address: CC131000h Length: 0000198Eh
Data Address: CC134000h Length: 000069B8h
JNET.NLM Java net (based on 1.3)
Version 1.31 July 8, 2002
Code Address: CC10C000h Length: 00002C9Dh
Data Address: CC110000h Length: 00000AC0h
ACSNAP.NLM ActivCard ADM Authentication Provider
Version 1.00 May 31, 1999
Code Address: CC06C000h Length: 000129FBh
Data Address: CC080000h Length: 00006F20h
HOSTMIB.NLM NetWare 5.x Host Resources MIB
Version 5.00a May 23, 2000
Code Address: CBF6A000h Length: 0000AC8Ch
Data Address: CBF76000h Length: 00003C00h
ADM.NLM Novell Authentication Device Manager
Version 2.67 July 15, 2002
Code Address: C76E4000h Length: 00009E58h
Data Address: C76EF000h Length: 00002994h
AUTHCHK.NLM Novell Background Authentication NLM
Version 3.70c August 29, 2002
Code Address: C76B1000h Length: 00001C3Dh
Data Address: C76B4000h Length: 00002950h
PROXYCFG.NLM Novell Proxy Configuration NLM
Version 3.70a September 5, 2002
Code Address: C7654000h Length: 00013DE2h
Data Address: C7669000h Length: 00004554h
Version 3.70y December 3, 2002
Code Address: C7593000h Length: 0001C7E2h
Data Address: C75B1000h Length: 0003D184h
Version 4.10s June 17, 2002
Code Address: C7527000h Length: 00013480h
Data Address: C753C000h Length: 00002638h
SYMCJIT.NLM Symantec Java JIT for Netware Java 1.3.x
Version 3.10u August 15, 2001
Code Address: C736E000h Length: 00061FDAh
Data Address: C73D2000h Length: 000133E8h
NTREND.NLM NetWare 5.x Trend MIB
Version 5.00b May 23, 2000
Code Address: C7133000h Length: 0000D022h
Data Address: C7142000h Length: 000048C8h
MWISE.NLM ManageWise License Check
Version 2.07 September 13, 1999
Code Address: C7117000h Length: 0000098Ch
Data Address: C7119000h Length: 0000046Fh
IPXF.NLM IPX Fragmentation Layer
Version 3.10a May 19, 1998
Code Address: C6EDC000h Length: 000017D9h
Data Address: C6EDF000h Length: 00004180h
FINDNMS.NLM NetWare 5.x NMS Console Finder
Version 5.00a May 23, 2000
Code Address: C6E71000h Length: 0000406Fh
Data Address: C6E77000h Length: 0000093Ch
NBMALERT.NLM Novell Border Manager Alert Utility BM35_G.01
Version 1.05a May 19, 1999
Code Address: C6E10000h Length: 00003AB5h
Data Address: C6E15000h Length: 000012C0h
BRDSRV.NLM Novell Border Server Service NLM PXY024
Version 3.60b September 14, 2001
Code Address: C6DBF000h Length: 00002A9Fh
Data Address: C6DC3000h Length: 00001470h
CSATPXY.NLM CS Audit Trail Proxy Agent BM37SP1_02SEP2002
Version 2.10c September 2, 2002
Code Address: C6D93000h Length: 000023DCh
Data Address: C6D97000h Length: 00000AD0h
LIC_API.NLM License APIs IP020A.G03
Version 2.01 June 30, 1997
Code Address: C6D60000h Length: 000019D8h
Data Address: C6D63000h Length: 000007E8h
ZIP.NLM Java zip (based on 1.3)
Version 1.31 July 8, 2002
Code Address: C6D07000h Length: 0000AC9Ch
Data Address: C6D13000h Length: 00001B70h
JVMLIB.NLM Java jvmlib (based on 1.3)
Version 1.31 July 8, 2002
Code Address: C6C98000h Length: 00016661h
Data Address: C6CB0000h Length: 00005890h
RCONAG6.NLM RConsole Agent for Netware v6.10.00(0000)
Code Address: C6C44000h Length: 00004A25h
Data Address: C6C4A000h Length: 00002B60h
NSLCGI.NLM LCGI support library
Version 6.00g January 18, 2002
Code Address: C6C02000h Length: 0000A07Bh
Data Address: C6C0E000h Length: 00003592h
VERIFY.NLM Java verify (based on 1.3)
Version 1.31 July 8, 2002
Code Address: C6B84000h Length: 000081F4h
Data Address: C6B8E000h Length: 00001A10h
CPQSBD.NLM hp ProLiant System Bus Driver
Version 3.16 October 7, 2002
Code Address: C6B4B000h Length: 0000F7F3h
Data Address: C6B5C000h Length: 00001E85h
NCM.NLM Novell Configuration Manager
Version 1.14b November 19, 2001
Code Address: C6B00000h Length: 00004882h
Data Address: C6B06000h Length: 00000F00h
NWSEC.NLM Scripting Security Library
Version 1.00b May 30, 2002
Code Address: C6A64000h Length: 000039F9h
Data Address: C6A69000h Length: 00000AD0h
JVM.NLM Java jvm (based on 1.3)
Version 1.31 July 8, 2002
Code Address: C69CC000h Length: 00048B6Fh
Data Address: C6A16000h Length: 00007804h
LBURP.NLM LDAP Bulkload Update/Replication Protocol service
extension for Novell eDirectory 8.6.
Version 10210.44 November 20, 2001
Code Address: C69C1000h Length: 0000109Ch
Data Address: C69C4000h Length: 000003F4h
Version 1.03 June 19, 2002
Code Address: C692D000h Length: 00030A5Eh
Data Address: C6960000h Length: 00015CF6h
JSOCK6X.NLM NetWare 6.x Support For Java Sockets
Version 1.31 July 8, 2002
Code Address: C67BF000h Length: 0000798Dh
Data Address: C67C8000h Length: 00000DE0h
LDAPXS.NLM NetWare Extension Server for LDAP SDK
Version 2.07 July 18, 2002
Code Address: C67A7000h Length: 0000395Bh
Data Address: C67AC000h Length: 00000770h
JAVA.NLM Novell JVM Version 1.3.1_01 Build 02070816
Version 1.31 July 8, 2002
Code Address: C66BE000h Length: 00029F53h
Data Address: C66E9000h Length: 00009C88h
JSOCK.NLM Support For Java Sockets
Version 1.31 July 8, 2002
Code Address: C6691000h Length: 000000B3h
Data Address: C6693000h Length: 00000074h
_PROFILE.NLM Profile UCX Component
Version 2.01a June 10, 2002
Code Address: C64C3000h Length: 000010ADh
Data Address: C64C6000h Length: 0000083Ch
NSNINIT.NLM Novell Script For NetWare Runtime
Version 2.01a June 10, 2002
Code Address: C6455000h Length: 0000276Dh
Data Address: C6459000h Length: 00000C94h
UCXMGR.NLM UCX Library Manager
Version 2.01a June 10, 2002
Code Address: C6422000h Length: 0000D20Dh
Data Address: C6431000h Length: 00001DD8h
NLDAP.NLM LDAP v3 for Novell eDirectory 8.6.2
Version 10350.08 November 5, 2002
Code Address: C62D3000h Length: 0005E502h
Data Address: C6333000h Length: 000277F0h
SAS.NLM Secure Authentication Services
Version 1.70 May 7, 2002
Code Address: C613E000h Length: 00056370h
Data Address: C6196000h Length: 0001E480h
NDSIMON.NLM NDS iMonitor 1.5.5
Version 10220.02 October 17, 2002
Code Address: C5D3E000h Length: 000BD041h
Data Address: C5DFD000h Length: 0004B5CEh
PORTAL.NLM NetWare Remote Manager NLM
Version 2.00b June 20, 2002
Code Address: C5691000h Length: 000DF722h
Data Address: C5772000h Length: 00044E74h
NWIDK.NLM CDWare Volume Module
Version 3.01a February 26, 2002
Code Address: C5668000h Length: 000045A0h
Data Address: C566E000h Length: 00000740h
BTCPCOM.NLM BTCPCOM.NLM v7.90.000, Build 230
Version 7.90 March 20, 2001
Code Address: C5603000h Length: 000043C0h
Data Address: C5609000h Length: 00000CECh
WSPSSL.NLM NetWare Winsock Service 1.0 NLM for SSL
Version 6.20 April 18, 2002
Code Address: C5449000h Length: 00005C3Fh
Data Address: C5450000h Length: 000108DFh
HTTPSTK.NLM Novell Small Http Interface
Version 2.00 June 21, 2002
Code Address: C5039000h Length: 000179BBh
Data Address: C5052000h Length: 000124D0h
BSPXCOM.NLM BSPXCOM.NLM v7.90.000, Build 230
Version 7.90 March 20, 2001
Code Address: C4FB4000h Length: 0000525Ah
Data Address: C4FBB000h Length: 00000BB0h
NILE.NLM Novell Secure Socket Services NLM With Debug
Version 1.03n September 5, 2001
Code Address: C4EED000h Length: 00052A6Bh
Data Address: C4F41000h Length: 0001EE00h
PKI.NLM Novell Certificate Server
Version 2.23a October 26, 2001
Code Address: C4E3C000h Length: 0006CDC5h
Data Address: C4EAA000h Length: 000215D0h
PKIAPI.NLM Public Key Infrastructure Services
Version 2.23 April 3, 2002
Code Address: C4D35000h Length: 00036281h
Data Address: C4D6D000h Length: 000061D4h
Version 2.07 July 18, 2002
Code Address: C4CC2000h Length: 0001C2C7h
Data Address: C4CE0000h Length: 0000499Ch
NWUTIL.NLM Novell Utility Library NLM ()
Version 1.03e September 5, 2001
Code Address: C4C48000h Length: 000112B8h
Data Address: C4C5B000h Length: 0001A0F0h
NWBSRVCM.NLM NWBSRVCM.NLM v7.90.000, Build 230
Version 7.90 March 20, 2001
Code Address: C4B69000h Length: 00006776h
Data Address: C4B71000h Length: 00000AD0h
JSTCP.NLM Jetstream TCP Transport Layer (Build 320 MP)
Version 3.02 June 17, 2002
Code Address: D36DF000h Length: 00004AE0h
Data Address: D36E5000h Length: 000001E0h
JSMSG.NLM Jetstream Message Layer (Build 328 MP)
Version 3.02 June 17, 2002
Code Address: D3561000h Length: 00006500h
Data Address: D3569000h Length: 00000230h
DFSLIB.NLM DFS Common Library (Build 238 MP)
Version 3.02 June 17, 2002
Code Address: D354A000h Length: 00000583h
Data Address: D354C000h Length: 00000080h
NLSTRAP.NLM NetWare License Server Trap
Version 5.02 July 26, 2001
Code Address: D1021000h Length: 000028EEh
Data Address: D1025000h Length: 00000689h
Version 5.02 July 31, 2001
Code Address: D0DA7000h Length: 00071D97h
Data Address: D0E1A000h Length: 00006FB4h
RSPX.NLM NetWare Remote Console SPX Driver
Version 4.12 March 15, 2001
Code Address: CFA85000h Length: 00002380h
Data Address: CFA89000h Length: 000038D8h
REMOTE.NLM NetWare Remote Console
Version 4.11 March 6, 2001
Code Address: CFA5D000h Length: 00005364h
Data Address: CFA64000h Length: 0000151Ch
CSAUDIT.NLM CSLIB: Audit Trail Facility
Version 3.05 April 5, 1999
Code Address: CF9F5000h Length: 00009F04h
Data Address: CFA01000h Length: 0000169Ch
CSSYSMSG.NLM CSLIB: System Messages Facility
Version 1.01h March 18, 1999
Code Address: CF953000h Length: 00010A57h
Data Address: CF965000h Length: 00004298h
NWSNUT.NLM NetWare NLM Utility User Interface
Version 6.01a April 16, 2002
Code Address: CF909000h Length: 000124EBh
Data Address: CF91E000h Length: 000006D8h
ODINEB.NLM Novell ODI to Novell Event Bus Interface Module
Version 1.10 August 13, 1999
Code Address: CF8CD000h Length: 000012E9h
Data Address: CF8D0000h Length: 0000077Ch
Version 6.60 June 24, 1998
Code Address: CF880000h Length: 0000634Eh
Data Address: CF888000h Length: 0000A5B0h
FILTSRV.NLM Filter Services
Version 1.60s November 26, 2002
Code Address: CF818000h Length: 00019EE7h
Data Address: CF834000h Length: 000058E4h
IPXRTRNM.NLM IPX Router Network Management
Version 6.60 June 24, 1998
Code Address: CF7D8000h Length: 0000C223h
Data Address: CF7E6000h Length: 000043C0h
IPXRTR.NLM IPX NLSP Router Production_02Dec2001
Version 6.70a December 3, 2001
Code Address: CF723000h Length: 00047B7Eh
Data Address: CF76C000h Length: 00017B10h
NSPDNS.NLM NetWare Winsock 2.0 NSPDNS.NLM Name Service
Version 6.20 April 25, 2002
Code Address: CF691000h Length: 0000230Fh
Data Address: CF695000h Length: 000004E4h
WSPIP.NLM NetWare Winsock Service 1.0 NLM for TCP and UDP
Version 6.20 April 29, 2002
Code Address: CF672000h Length: 0000E794h
Data Address: CF682000h Length: 00001E0Ch
Version 2.05 June 10, 2002
Code Address: CF617000h Length: 0000375Fh
Data Address: CF61C000h Length: 000010ACh
NCPIP.NLM NetWare NCP Services over IP
Version 5.60 June 6, 2002
Code Address: CF585000h Length: 000144B9h
Data Address: CF59B000h Length: 000021A0h
BSDSOCK.NLM Novell BSDSOCK Module Production_19Nov2001
Version 6.12n November 19, 2001
Code Address: CF4E5000h Length: 0000BE89h
Data Address: CF4F2000h Length: 0000BB00h
TCPIP.NLM Novell TCP/IP/IPsec Module (Domestic)
Version 6.14i January 25, 2002
Code Address: CF27B000h Length: 0005FFCBh
Data Address: CF2DD000h Length: 00032141h
TCP.NLM Novell TCP/IP/IPsec Module (Domestic)
Version 6.13d January 31, 2002
Code Address: CF204000h Length: 0001F57Bh
Data Address: CF225000h Length: 00019670h
Version 6.01w April 22, 2002
Code Address: CF0BD000h Length: 00008CBCh
Data Address: CF0C7000h Length: 000D08C0h
Version 4.21 December 7, 1999
Code Address: CEFAF000h Length: 000003CCh
Data Address: CEFB1000h Length: 000024E0h
DEBUGLOG.NLM Debug Log NLM (IP0200.G05)
Version 1.00 July 14, 1997
Code Address: CEF2C000h Length: 00000D5Ah
Data Address: CEF2E000h Length: 000005D4h
Q57.LAN Compaq NC77xx/NC67xx Gigabit Server Adapter
Version 2.34 July 18, 2002
Code Address: CEDCE000h Length: 000118EAh
Data Address: BCE89000h Length: 00007BBCh
NMAS.NLM Novell Modular Authentication Service
Version 2.51 June 10, 2002
Code Address: CED46000h Length: 000271A8h
Data Address: CED6F000h Length: 000044C0h
Version 5.02 April 3, 2001
Code Address: CED0E000h Length: 0000853Bh
Data Address: CED18000h Length: 00001AA4h
GAMS.NLM Graded Authentication Management Service
Version 1.11a May 31, 2001
Code Address: CECB9000h Length: 0000D7ADh
Data Address: CECC8000h Length: 000012C0h
Version 5.02 April 3, 2001
Code Address: CEC7F000h Length: 0000FA6Bh
Data Address: CEC90000h Length: 00001FE8h
N1000.LAN Compaq NC71xx/NC61xx Gigabit Server Adapter
Version 2.75 August 24, 2001
Code Address: CEC0C000h Length: 0000E80Bh
Data Address: AE086000h Length: 0000444Ch
ETHERTSM.NLM Novell Ethernet Topology Specific Module
Version 3.88 June 7, 2002
Code Address: CEC06000h Length: 000024D7h
Data Address: CEC0A000h Length: 000002BCh
MSM.NLM Novell Multi-Processor Media Support Module
Version 4.09 June 7, 2002
Code Address: CEBE5000h Length: 0000E5A3h
Data Address: CEBF5000h Length: 00003DCCh
CONNAUD.NLM Licensed Connection Meter
Version 3.01 May 3, 2002
Code Address: CEB72000h Length: 00003383h
Data Address: CEB77000h Length: 00000B78h
NLSMETER.NLM Software Usage Metering Database
Version 2.10 March 21, 2002
Code Address: CEB58000h Length: 0000B053h
Data Address: CEB65000h Length: 0000339Ch
NLSLSP.NLM NLS License Service Provider
Version 5.02 May 31, 2002
Code Address: CEAAC000h Length: 00068D07h
Data Address: CEB16000h Length: 0001DC20h
DXEVENT.NLM DirXML Event Module for Novell eDirectory 8.6.1
Version 10210.42 December 4, 2001
Code Address: CEA84000h Length: 00019251h
Data Address: CEA9F000h Length: 0000B484h
CSL.NLM NetWare Call Support Layer For NetWare
Version 2.06b January 13, 2000
Code Address: CE9F6000h Length: 0000CB32h
Data Address: CEA04000h Length: 000028F4h
Version 7.90 March 21, 2001
Code Address: CE9AF000h Length: 000013BFh
Data Address: CE9B2000h Length: 00000980h
Version 7.90 March 21, 2001
Code Address: CE42A000h Length: 000512A6h
Data Address: CE47D000h Length: 0000EF64h
NWENC103.NLM NWENC103.NLM v7.90.000 (Text Encoding
Conversion Library)
Version 7.90 February 24, 2001
Code Address: CE209000h Length: 0004D0F5h
Data Address: CE258000h Length: 001B0208h
NWAIF103.NLM nwaif103.nlm v7.90, Build 245 ()
Version 7.90 August 8, 2001
Code Address: CDFB0000h Length: 00010E61h
Data Address: CDFC2000h Length: 00006828h
PSVCS.NLM Portability Services
Version 230.00 February 24, 2001
Code Address: CDF5D000h Length: 000125CFh
Data Address: CDF71000h Length: 00009444h
Version 1.05 March 14, 2001
Code Address: CDF20000h Length: 0000D920h
Data Address: CDF2F000h Length: 000078D4h
Version 4.10a February 12, 1998
Code Address: CDE5E000h Length: 00001C95h
Data Address: CDE61000h Length: 000000ECh
Global Code Address: CDE63000h Length: 00001000h
NSPSAP.NLM NetWare Winsock 2.0 NLM NSPSAP.NLM Name
Service Provider
Version 6.20 April 25, 2002
Code Address: CDE53000h Length: 00001EE7h
Data Address: CDE56000h Length: 00000610h
SNMP.NLM Netware 4.x/5.x/6.x SNMP Service
Version 4.16b March 12, 2002
Code Address: CDE14000h Length: 000136D0h
Data Address: CDE29000h Length: 00003110h
TLI.NLM NetWare Transport Level Interface Library
Version 4.30b December 19, 2000
Code Address: CDDD1000h Length: 00003859h
Data Address: CDDD6000h Length: 00000164h
Global Code Address: CDDD8000h Length: 00001000h
Global Data Address: CDDDA000h Length: 00002000h
WSPIPX.NLM NetWare Winsock Service 1.0 NLM for IPX and SPX
Version 6.20 April 19, 2002
Code Address: CDD9A000h Length: 0000DAF9h
Data Address: CDDA9000h Length: 00001762h
CONLOG.NLM System Console Logger Production_23Apr2002
Version 3.00a April 23, 2002
Code Address: CDD78000h Length: 00001F9Ch
Data Address: CDD7B000h Length: 00001CC0h
Version 5.60 November 21, 2001
Code Address: CDD1E000h Length: 000056B7h
Data Address: CDD25000h Length: 00001308h
IPXSPX.NLM NetWare IPX/SPX Protocol Stack NLM
Version 5.60 November 21, 2001
Code Address: CDCD5000h Length: 0000FC52h
Data Address: CDCE7000h Length: 00009A3Ah
NSPNDS.NLM NetWare Winsock 2.0 NSPNDS.NLM Name Service
Version 6.20 November 12, 2001
Code Address: CDCC4000h Length: 00006547h
Data Address: CDCCC000h Length: 00000518h
CALNLM32.NLM NetWare NWCalls Runtime Library
Version 5.05h June 6, 2002
Code Address: CDC9B000h Length: 000172B7h
Data Address: CDCB4000h Length: 00000500h
TIMESYNC.NLM NetWare Time Synchronization Services
Version 6.02u July 25, 2002
Code Address: CDC07000h Length: 0000C32Ch
Data Address: CDC15000h Length: 000038F0h
CLXNLM32.NLM NetWare NWCLX Runtime Library
Version 5.05h June 6, 2002
Code Address: CDC02000h Length: 000011F3h
Data Address: CDC05000h Length: 00000190h
DSAPI.NLM NetWare NWNet Runtime Library
Version 5.05h June 6, 2002
Code Address: CDBFB000h Length: 00000043h
Data Address: CDBFD000h Length: 00000024h
DSEVENT.NLM NetWare DSEvent Runtime Library
Version 5.05h June 6, 2002
Code Address: CDBF7000h Length: 000006A3h
Data Address: CDBF9000h Length: 00000034h
NETNLM32.NLM NetWare NWNet Runtime Library
Version 5.05h June 6, 2002
Code Address: CDB69000h Length: 000360C9h
Data Address: CDBA1000h Length: 00004CB6h
NCPNLM32.NLM NetWare NWNCP Runtime Library
Version 5.05h June 6, 2002
Code Address: CDB0D000h Length: 0001C023h
Data Address: 00000000h Length: 00000000h
CLNNLM32.NLM NetWare NWClient Runtime Library
Version 5.05h June 6, 2002
Code Address: CDA69000h Length: 000014DFh
Data Address: CDA6C000h Length: 00000030h
CLIB.NLM Novell Standard C Runtime Library for NLMs
Version 5.90f July 19, 2002
Code Address: CD8AE000h Length: 0001891Eh
Data Address: CD8C8000h Length: 00002FB0h
NIT.NLM NetWare Interface Tools Library for NLMs
Version 5.90f July 19, 2002
Code Address: CD856000h Length: 0001C744h
Data Address: CD874000h Length: 00000690h
NLMLIB.NLM Novell NLM Runtime Library
Version 5.90f July 19, 2002
Code Address: CD7C5000h Length: 00025822h
Data Address: CD7EC000h Length: 00003860h
Version 4.20g July 26, 2000
Code Address: CD768000h Length: 000120B4h
Data Address: CD77C000h Length: 000010A0h
Global Code Address: CD77F000h Length: 00001000h
REQUESTR.NLM Novell NCP Requestor for NLMs
Version 5.90f July 19, 2002
Code Address: CD6F9000h Length: 0001FBA3h
Data Address: CD71A000h Length: 00001090h
THREADS.NLM Novell Threads Package for NLMs
Version 5.90f July 19, 2002
Code Address: CD5D5000h Length: 00019008h
Data Address: CD5F0000h Length: 00011660h
LIB0.NLM Novell Ring 0 Library for NLMs
Version 5.90f July 19, 2002
Code Address: CD2C2000h Length: 0002525Ah
Data Address: CD2E9000h Length: 00228020h
POLIMGR.NLM NetWare License Policy Manager
Version 6.02 March 22, 2002
Code Address: CCBC1000h Length: 0001294Ch
Data Address: CCBD5000h Length: 00008704h
DS.NLM Novell eDirectory Version 8.6.2 SMP
Version 10350.12 October 28, 2002
Code Address: CC81A000h Length: 00207849h
Data Address: CCA23000h Length: 00057082h
ROLLCALL.NLM RollCall NLM (101, API 1.0)
Version 5.00 July 27, 1998
Code Address: CC816000h Length: 0000055Dh
Data Address: CC818000h Length: 000002D4h
SAL.NLM Novell System Abstraction Layer Version 2.0.0
Version 10110.05 November 20, 2001
Code Address: CC7FB000h Length: 0000793Ah
Data Address: CC804000h Length: 000011F0h
NDSAUDIT.NLM Directory Services Audit
Version 2.08 August 29, 2001
Code Address: CC492000h Length: 000104A4h
Data Address: CC4A4000h Length: 00002ED0h
MASV.NLM Mandatory Access Control Service
Version 1.37a December 12, 2001
Code Address: CC464000h Length: 0000F166h
Data Address: CC475000h Length: 00002340h
NSPSLP.NLM NetWare Winsock 2.0 NSPSLP.NLM Name Service
Version 6.20 May 6, 2002
Code Address: CC3BC000h Length: 00005D00h
Data Address: CC3C3000h Length: 00000B1Ch
Version 1.20 March 4, 2002
Code Address: CC38D000h Length: 0000DD1Ah
Data Address: CC39C000h Length: 00001600h
Version 2.05 June 10, 2002
Code Address: CC30B000h Length: 00017B28h
Data Address: CC324000h Length: 00004364h
DSLOADER.NLM Novell Directory Services Version 8.6.2 Loader
Version 10330.03 August 11, 2002
Code Address: CC24A000h Length: 000083FEh
Data Address: CC254000h Length: 000006B0h
XIM.XLM Novell NICI Signed Loader
Version 1.02 May 18, 2001
Code Address: CBF8F000h Length: 0001DE70h
Data Address: A3BE8000h Length: 00003900h
WS2_32.NLM NetWare Winsock 2.0 NLM
Version 6.20 June 12, 2002
Code Address: CBE74000h Length: 000330D3h
Data Address: CBEA9000h Length: 0001079Eh
NCP.NLM NetWare Core Protocol (NCP) Engine
Version 5.60 March 29, 2002
Code Address: CBDA6000h Length: 00024B4Fh
Data Address: CBDCC000h Length: 00018494h
QUEUE.NLM NetWare Queue Services NLM
Version 5.60 March 19, 2002
Code Address: CBD48000h Length: 00006D8Dh
Data Address: CBD50000h Length: 00000473h
MALHLP.NLM NSS Configure help messages (Build 325 MP)
Version 3.02 June 17, 2002
Code Address: D3FE3000h Length: 000000BAh
Data Address: D3FE5000h Length: 0000002Ah
NSSIDK.NSS NSS Pool Configuration Manager (Build 196 MP)
Version 3.02 June 17, 2002
Code Address: D3FD6000h Length: 00002B35h
Data Address: D3FDA000h Length: 00000090h
Version 1.21 March 17, 2000
Code Address: D3FD0000h Length: 00000879h
Data Address: D3FD2000h Length: 00000018h
VOLMN.NSS NSS Distributed Volume Manager (Build 140 MP)
Version 3.02 June 17, 2002
Code Address: D3FB7000h Length: 00004CB3h
Data Address: D3FBD000h Length: 00000260h
NWSA.NSS NSS NetWare Semantic Agent (NWSA) (Build 997
Version 3.02 June 17, 2002
Code Address: D3EB0000h Length: 000429DEh
Data Address: D3EF4000h Length: 00098E80h
ZLSS.NSS NSS Journaled Storage System (ZLSS) (Build 1355
Version 3.02 June 17, 2002
Code Address: D3CD5000h Length: 000A64E6h
Data Address: D3D7D000h Length: 0000B4B0h
MAL.NSS NSS Media Access Layer (MAL) (Build 425 MP)
Version 3.02 June 17, 2002
Code Address: D3BF6000h Length: 00002D46h
Data Address: D3BFA000h Length: 00000150h
MANAGE.NSS NSS Management Functions (Build 214 MP)
Version 3.02 June 17, 2002
Code Address: D3BCF000h Length: 0001B231h
Data Address: D3BEC000h Length: 00000610h
COMN.NSS NSS Common Support Layer (COMN) (Build 2174 MP)
Version 3.02 June 28, 2002
Code Address: D3A8E000h Length: 000AA6B6h
Data Address: D3B3A000h Length: 00010160h
NSS.NLM NSS (Novell Storage Services) (Build 591 MP)
Version 3.02 June 17, 2002
Code Address: D37EC000h Length: 00022DC0h
Data Address: D3810000h Length: 00081020h
LIBNSS.NLM Generic Library used by NSS (Build 88 MP)
Version 3.02 June 17, 2002
Code Address: D37D1000h Length: 000034ACh
Data Address: D37D6000h Length: 000003D0h
NSSWIN.NLM NSS ASCI Window API Library (Build 184 MP)
Version 3.02 June 17, 2002
Code Address: D37B9000h Length: 000047DCh
Data Address: D37BF000h Length: 000000FCh
UNI_UPR.NLM NetWare Unicode Upper Case API, V1.01
Version 1.01 July 23, 1998
Code Address: D36D1000h Length: 00000107h
Data Address: D36D3000h Length: 00002328h
UNI_MON.NLM NetWare Unicode Lower Case API, V1.01
Version 1.01 July 23, 1998
Code Address: D36CB000h Length: 00000107h
Data Address: D36CD000h Length: 0000207Ch
UNI_437.NLM NetWare Unicode conversion API for code page
437, V1.01
Version 1.01 July 23, 1998
Code Address: D36C3000h Length: 000001B7h
Data Address: D36C5000h Length: 00000B44h
LOCNLM32.NLM NetWare NWLocale Runtime Library
Version 5.05h June 6, 2002
Code Address: D36B9000h Length: 000047EBh
Data Address: D36BF000h Length: 00000C60h
UNICODE.NLM NetWare Unicode Runtime Library
Version 5.05h June 6, 2002
Code Address: D3696000h Length: 00003413h
Data Address: D369B000h Length: 00008AE4h
FILESYS.NLM NetWare File System NLM
Version 5.13 May 7, 2002
Code Address: D3575000h Length: 0008D807h
Data Address: D3605000h Length: 00012B90h
LFS.NLM NetWare Logical File System NLM
Version 5.12 May 23, 2002
Code Address: D3461000h Length: 0000946Dh
Data Address: D346C000h Length: 0000833Ch
CONNMGR.NLM NetWare Connection Manager NLM
Version 5.60 June 5, 2002
Code Address: D33E8000h Length: 00011165h
Data Address: D33FB000h Length: 00003C68h
UMSSHIM.NLM Novell USB Mouse Shim
Version 1.01 December 17, 2001
Code Address: D2E5B000h Length: 00000B1Bh
Data Address: 005AE000h Length: 0000041Ch
SGUID.NLM NetWare 5 GUID Services
Version 5.60 October 18, 2000
Code Address: D2A92000h Length: 00000D7Ch
Data Address: D2A94000h Length: 0000016Ah
UKBDSHIM.NLM Novell USB Keyboard Shim
Version 1.00 August 29, 2001
Code Address: D296E000h Length: 00000C95h
Data Address: AD7F0000h Length: 000004B0h
LSL.NLM Novell NetWare Link Support Layer
Version 4.76 April 3, 2002
Code Address: D11F5000h Length: 0000A567h
Data Address: D1201000h Length: 00009E88h
OHCIDRV.NLM Novell Universal Serial Bus OHCI Driver
Version 1.01d September 10, 2002
Code Address: D1155000h Length: 00006560h
Data Address: AD7E7000h Length: 00001374h
USBIO.NLM Novell USB IO System
Version 1.01a April 5, 2002
Code Address: D1052000h Length: 0002F308h
Data Address: AE049000h Length: 0001A588h
USBSHIM.NLM Novell USB Platform Shim
Version 1.01 December 17, 2001
Code Address: D1042000h Length: 00001AA2h
Data Address: D1045000h Length: 0000B21Ch
LIBC.NLM Novell Kernel Services and Standard C Runtime
Library for NLMs [optimized, 3]
Version 6.00f June 24, 2002
Code Address: D0E7F000h Length: 0007E666h
Data Address: D0EFF000h Length: 00092959h
CPQRAID.HAM Compaq Unified RAID driver
Version 2.05 October 15, 2002
Code Address: D0C50000h Length: 0002030Fh
Data Address: AE174000h Length: 0000B368h
IDEATA.HAM Novell ATA/IDE/ATAPI Host Adapter Module
Version 3.20a April 19, 2002
Code Address: D0BEB000h Length: 00005F99h
Data Address: BBFC6000h Length: 00001824h
CPQSHD.CDM Compaq NWPA SCSI Disk Driver v1.55
Version 1.55 September 14, 2002
Code Address: D0BD3000h Length: 00016407h
Data Address: BBFC8000h Length: 000011DDh
Version 3.00c February 6, 2002
Code Address: D0BAF000h Length: 00002525h
Data Address: BBFCA000h Length: 0000058Ch
CPQACPWR.NLM hp ProLiant ACPI Component Driver for Power
Management for NetWare 6.x
Version 1.04 October 21, 2002
Code Address: D0BA3000h Length: 00001A60h
Data Address: D0BA6000h Length: 00000818h
CPQACMGR.NLM hp ProLiant ACPI Component Driver Manager for
NetWare 6.x
Version 1.04 October 21, 2002
Code Address: D0B8F000h Length: 00001CA0h
Data Address: D0B92000h Length: 00000354h
CPQACPI.PSM hp ProLiant ACPI Platform Support Module for
NetWare 6.x
Version 1.04 October 21, 2002
Code Address: D0A9A000h Length: 000142BCh
Data Address: BBFB4000h Length: 0000D490h
CPQACA.NLM hp ProLiant ACPI Component Architecture (ACA)
for NetWare 6.x
Version 1.04 October 21, 2002
Code Address: D0A10000h Length: 0004BDF0h
Data Address: D0A5D000h Length: 000136FCh
CPQASL.NLM hp ProLiant Architecture Services Library (ASL)
for NetWare 6.x
Version 1.04 October 21, 2002
Code Address: D0A08000h Length: 00002900h
Data Address: D0A0C000h Length: 000001D8h
NWPALOAD.NLM NetWare 5 NWPA Load Utility
Version 3.00 July 10, 2000
Code Address: D0988000h Length: 00000007h
Data Address: 00000000h Length: 00000000h
NWPA.NLM NetWare 6 NetWare Peripheral Architecture NLM
Version 3.12 June 20, 2002
Code Address: D0930000h Length: 00015EB6h
Data Address: D0947000h Length: 00002928h
MM.NLM NetWare Media Manager
Version 3.01 July 11, 2002
Code Address: D086B000h Length: 0002D807h
Data Address: D089A000h Length: 00009E10h
NBI.NLM NetWare Bus Interface
Version 2.35g April 25, 2002
Code Address: D07F7000h Length: 0000A7A3h
Data Address: D0803000h Length: 00001AC8h
NEB.NLM Novell Event Bus
Version 5.61 September 6, 2002
Code Address: D07CE000h Length: 00005843h
Data Address: D07D5000h Length: 0000097Ch
DIAG500.NLM Diagnostic/coredump utility for NetWare 6
Version 2.00j April 26, 2002
Code Address: D0781000h Length: 00005894h
Data Address: D0788000h Length: 0001A8B8h
CPUCHECK.NLM NetWare Processor Checking Utility
Version 5.60 April 8, 2002
Code Address: D0753000h Length: 0000122Ah
Data Address: D0756000h Length: 0000494Ch
PVER500.NLM NetWare 6.XX Version Library
Version 3.00 June 3, 2002
Code Address: D049D000h Length: 0000068Fh
Data Address: D049F000h Length: 00000360h
NWKCFG.NLM NetWare Kernel Config NLM
Version 2.15 June 17, 2002
Code Address: D045D000h Length: 00003EBBh
Data Address: D0462000h Length: 00003D74h
CDBE.NLM NetWare Configuration DB Engine
Version 6.00 June 20, 2002
Code Address: D0169000h Length: 000100C6h
Data Address: D017B000h Length: 00015244h
SERVER.NLM NetWare Server Operating System
Version 5.60 July 10, 2002
Code Address: FC000000h Length: 0011D000h
Data Address: FC400000h Length: 0017D000h