I had a SYS volume go bad and had to rebuild or Border Manager

NW6 with NW6SP2, BM3.7 with BM37SP1. Running NES as the web server.

Problem is that when Authentication is enabled, users (without
CLIENT32) do not get re-directed to the BM Login page. With Authentication
enabled, CLNTRUST works fine for those with CLIENT32 installed, just those
trying to do the SSL Authentication don't work.

Instead of the BM Login page, just get a message FORBIDDEN - because
not logged in.

I figured it must be something with the port 443 not listening
correctly, but TCPCON does show listenign on 443. Tried changing port to 444 in
Authentication Setup area, but still not work.

If I go to URL https://ipaddress:443 I get the Netware 6 Welcome

Any tips on what could be causing this would be appreciated.

Colin J. W. Hill
Director Computer Services
Canadian University College
(403)782-3381 Ext. 4021