Hi, we are in the begining process of preparing to migrate our user data to another location.
Problem: Current user shared folders are a mess in relation to rights and unmanaged sub-folders within sub-folders too many levels.
Trustee rights may not be correct due to users leaving but not being removed from the system cleanly and consistently

Solution: To strucutre out the folders at a more consolidated and flat structure baseline.
How: Because users are currently always using the data - its hard to find out how to do this and also i have generated a report as to trustee rights of all shared folders to ensure that managers reply back with confirmation as to whom should be accessing what folders.
Firstly - I need a tool to output to a file if possible a visual strucuture of our edirectory tree....can NLIST do this in the form of:


How would i use NLIST to do the above...what command???
All i need is something that can be easily seen as to what the current edirectory strucutre is so that i can get department managers to feedback to me exactly what shared folders should be positioned in the file structure as well as being consistent with the location in the edirectory tree.

Could the above use of NLIST be done for the actual file structre as well????

This task is more of cleaning up the current strucutre of the files/folders than the actual copy over to the new location.

What is the best way to do this - if there is any other better solution that what im doing????