I have an ml370 g5 that has been running arcserve fine for about 2 yrs. Now when arcserve loads it abends the server on discover.nlm.

thru many hrs of working on this.. I have found that if I set the SLP discovery options to 2 then arcserve load backs up and things are good.

Once the server is up arcserve is loaded, I can go and change the SLP discovery to 12 .. everything in fine until SLP does a rediscover.. then the server abends on Discover.nlm.

The server was running 11.1 sp3.. now it running 11.1 sp1. still that same result. I have copied in a known good working copy from another server, reset the license and still get the same. I have tried replacing the discover.nlm with other versions. I have several servers that are setup the same but only a few that have this problem.

I have to have the discovery loading due to have an autochanger.

Anyone know how arcserve discovery works? and or Why SLP and discover is not getting along.

thanks Neil