Trying to understand this correctly,

We may have a customer who's correct in his compaint about BM,
I cant tell for sure,

The case is regarding the cache function in BMserver,

Normaly, one could say that if they,, a typical MS user,
create their websystem correctly, then the BM server will
do right concerning caching and when "not" to cache..

This at least is what I thought,
But,, to be sure off this, I tried to find this info at, and I ended up somewhere in the middle,

According to Tid: 10066044 '

"Proxy is just checking the HTTP header for the cache values"

"Proxy has to honor the values found in the HTTP header. In this case,

"expires" value was sent as meta tag and not in the HTTP header. Proxy

has limited support for meta tag, so it will not check this meta tag "

1. So,, does this apply still ?

According to "internet standards"... if there are any left....,
is both options correct ? Or is the no cache header supposed to be inthe http header only...??

Would be great to know how to approach the client with this,
Is either He or Novell correct in the implementation...