I have a Spam Filter connecting with the Internet which delivers any incoming mail from the Internet directly to my GWIA 8.0 HP1. This GWIA is on a SLES 10 SP3 server with the Primary Domain MTA and a WebAccess agent.

I've checked the NIC card and switch / router / firewall settings. All look healthy.

On one particular incident I had some delivery problems between that Spam filter and my GIWA. The error reported on the Spam filter was " host[] said: 554 Transaction failed (in reply to RCPT TO command)" This host that it failed to deliver to is my GWIA server.

I've also had some problems in the last several months with GWIA stability. Only the GWIA on this server would crash weekly. The process would stop running. So I had to write a script to keep it running. Now it seems that I've had random delivery problems to and from the Internet for a few months now. And the GWIA appears to have gaps in it's logs, with the log files restarting every 10 - 20 minutes during the peak delivery periods, and losing time in-between the restarts.

I've also found several files in the GWProb folder, with some of the files seeming to be blended together and others containing bits of the GWIA log file at the end of the email. Very strange. I cleaned out those files that looked like a problem and was able to resend the rest without trouble.

Looking into the issues, it appears that GroupWise 8.0 SP1 might fix some of these problems. I believe that these specific fixes might address my issues:
404287 and 404898 GWIA is mixing pieces of the log file into message files and then marking them as bad
438294 GWIA crashes every 10 - 20 minutes truncating logs
517480 Inbound Internet Email Causes GWIA to core

So here's my question: can I upgrade only the GWIA to 8.0 SP1 or do I have to upgrade all my MTA's, POA's, WebAccess, Windows Clients, etc? Do you see anything else that might be worng?