I currently have GW 7.0.3 running on SLES 9. I just got some new hardware and am planning on upgrading to GW 8 on it running SLES 11.

This will be the first time I have ever attempted a major version upgrade and moving the system to new hardware. I would like to leave everything intact on my old SLES 9/GW7 system in the event that something goes wrong I can at least fall back onto something I know is working properly.

What are my steps going forward with this process? I understand that I need to update the POs, Domains, schemas, etc in order to be able to get them to run GW 8.

Do I install SLES 11 on the new hardware then install GW 7 onto it, import my data, and then upgrade it to GW 8? Is that the preferred and easiest method?

Also, how do I go about getting all my GW data and eDirectory tree info from my old system to my new one?