I found some previous posts and even a TID (7000662) that are similar to an issue I am having but not exactly the same.... I am running OES2SP2 and LUM enabled pure-ftp in a NCS cluster pointing to NSS volumes. Everything actually works just fine but every single transaction reports the following error in the log...

Rename/move failure: Invalid argument

As previously stated, everything actually "seems" to work just fine. In the past, this issue was reported to be caused by the AutoRename option of pure-ftp combined with lack of hard link support on NSS volumes. However, in the past the uploads would fail. As far as I can tell, this is nothing more than excessive log clutter. I already slapped a syslog filter in place redirecting all pure-ftp logging to a dedicated log file and put log rotation in place but it would be nice to make it go away.

Any suggestions? Should we try disabling the AutoRename (which based on the CURRENT description of that option is not preferred) or enable hard links on the NSS volume, or something completely different?