I have GW8 SP1 on OES2 Linux running a Primary Domain, two POs, and the Internet Agent. On a different OES2 Linux box, I have a secondary domain with webaccess.

Everything was perfect until I added two new users. They are correctly entered in the PO and the GW client works perfectly. But when they try to log in to webaccess, they get an incorrect password prompt. Further investigation showed that when I logged in to the secondary domain, they are not listed in the PO. If I click on them in eDir while connected to the secondary domain, it says that GroupWise info is missing, possibly because of waiting for replication. Sure enough, pending operations shows several stuck operations. When I rebuild the secondary domain, the pending operations go away, but they come back as soon as I try to sync the POs. I have shut down the secondary domain, rebuilt the database, saved to a local drive, and copied back over. Same problem.

I restarted the webaccess box to see if that would help, but no luck I did a nds check and everything is syncing and replicating properly.

Can someone give me the next step to take?