Im tring to distribute and install some software out of hours but having some problems. I can get the PCs to Wake on LAN at the required time and also shut them down at the required time the problem i am having is with the NAL. Basically i want one NAL that copies a file to the local harddrive then another NAL that runs that copied MSI. I have done this using ZCM but am tring to a way of doing it in ZEN 7.

First i have a NAL that copies a file from a network share to the C:\ of the local PC. I want to do this while the PC is at the login screen. Not even sure this will work. The file on the shared drive has workstations rights assigned to it. Should this be done with a Pre-Installed Schedule??

Then i have another NAL that runs the copied MSI file from the first NAL. As i am yet to get the file to copy to the local harddisk i havent tested this yet.

I may be going about this all wrong if there is another way of doing it im all ears.