So I've been engaged to do some troubleshooting of issues at a client having recently completed a migration to OES from NetWare. One of the first things I notice is that there is no SLP configuration.

"Odd," says I, "Don't you NEED SLP since you have fifteen servers in three geographies with multiple subnets?"

"Nay, nay," says the client, "We are 'faking' SLP with DNS!"

How's that, you ask?

Lets say the the tree name is TREE and the O in the tree is called ORG. The servers for one location are in the container "SERVERS.SPRINGFIELD.ORG". The client seems to think that there's no need for SLP since they have a DNS zone named ORG.TREE, and DNS entries for all the servers (like "HOST1.SERVERS.SPRINGFIELD.ORG.TREE").

While the resolution works, and they've got SLP disabled in the "Protocol Preferences" of the Novell Client, I posit that this doesn't eliminate the need for SLP.

I won't sully the conversation with my opinions. I'm curious though, is the logic reasonable? Or is this client full of beans?