Hi all, I am new here. We just purchased Zenworks Config Manager and got the server all setup and running happily and even did a test deploy to 10 machines without a hitch.

Now I went ahead and deployed a few hundred machines the other afternight/evening and things looked like they were happy until the next morning.

Some machines were logging in/running EXTREMLY slow (which I think is better now, zen do some massive inventory on the client machines or something on first login?)

I have a dozen or so machines that I can only login as one user, this user account is not the same on any of them, and the account is not local, as it looks like the local accounts are disabled. The machines are all the same, and I have other machines in the same config that have the client installed and not have a single problem.

Anyone have any thoughts? I tried to uninstall the client, and that doesn't help, still get access is denied at login, so I tried to deploy to that machine that I uninstalled from and that did not help.

I am at a loss now. Nothing adds up.

I have attached some screen shots and the logs directory from a bad client.