Normally I hear people complaining about the fonts on their screen being too
small. Dealing with that is no problems. This one is the reverse and
prioving to be a real problem.

On a customer site, it seems that every PC (that I've checked so far) with
the exception of one, has the Window font sized at 9pt. This means that in
Outlook (2003), the folder list on the left of the window is displayed in
9pt font size. It seem that the default size for the table of emails is 8pt.
The one exception is the boss's PC who's Window font is set to 8pt. His new
assistant is complaining that she cannot work efficiently unless her Window
font is also 8pt.
One would think that the problem is easily remedied, until one tries. I
cannot find anywhere to change the Window font to 8pt. The setting is across
the machine, so it does not travel with a roaming profie and is the same for
all users of that machine. The level of grief I am now getting seems out of
all proportion to the issue. Can anyone help with this?