In order to control access within our private network, I
changed the subnet mask from to This way,I can set up separate IP ranges for various groups and servers.
I changed the subnet mask in INETCFG and in the BorderManager Setup
under HTTP Proxy and VPN.
I changed the filters for ping and telnet to reflect the new subnet
My private IP address is subnet mask
My public IP address is subnet mask
Most of the PC's are in the range of - They allhave a subnet mask of Everything works fine with them.
I have one PC that I am testing the new subnet that has an address I CAN ping and telnet to the public side but I cannot usethe browser. I have proxy set to like all the other PC's do.

I cannot get to any public web sites from this IP address..
I feel like the concept is sound, but I must be overlooking something.

With the subnet mask set like it is, I should be able to use any IP
address from to Everywhere I can see a subnet

mask it is set to Can anyone suggest a setting that I
may have overlooked?