I've got three servers in a test lab as I'm preparing to upgrade from NetWare to SLES/OES. Two of the three servers have NSS volumes. One server will eventually be my new file server and all the data will be on NSS. The other server will be my GroupWise 8 server and the NSS volume will contain my SDD, post office and domain. Yesterday everything was working great.

Today I go into Console One and I can't browse to the domain path/folder on the local machine? I can however browse there in a terminal or gui? I open iManager and it doesn't see my nss pool or volume objects anymore? In iManager the partition is listed as unknown and not nss?

I've rebooted the servers, I've remounted the volumes. I can still see the data on the volumes and access them from linux, but as far as the Novell tools like Console One or iManager the volumes don't exist or belong to an unknown file system?

What happened? How can I fix it without starting from scratch or losing my work so far.

As a "NetWare guy" struggling to become a "Linux guy" it's troubleshooting stuff like this that's scaring me,