We lost the server (crashed) that was running WebAccess and also had a domain on it. I tried to delete the WebAccess object but now get the following errors in this order. I may need to call Novell but I figure I would check here first.

An error occurred converting the GroupWise object to its eDirectory counterpart. Domain22.Webac22. Tree: Shands Distinguished Name:
WEBACC22.Domain22.GroupWise.shands. The eDirectory counterpart of this object does nto exist.

The eDirectory representation of this object could be found. Delete the GroupWise representation of this object anyway?

after clicking on Yes

Pending delete.
The GroupWise record of this ojbect has already been deleted. Retrying...

I tried this 3-4 times over last 2 days. I even when into pending operations and deleted it by clicking undo.