There is a 2 NetWare server setup. Server1 is hosting the primary domain and the post office, the 2nd server hosting the secondary domain, gwia and webaccess.

In the health monitor of the 1st server I see lot`s of failed logins that comes from the second domain:
Time: Friday, 12-03-2010 14:29
Address: IP
User: .CN=MTA.CN=DO2.OU=GroupWise.OU=City.O=Company.T=a-TREE.

Next to this, when I start the 2nd domain, it takes around 1 minute until I got the groupwise console (the blue one, for the MTA). But I don`t face any other issues, emails flowing without a problem.

Latest SP on the servers, latest HP on the groupwise system.
The 2 domains connected in Direct mode (in Link configurator).

Any advise greatly appreciated. Thanks.