Currently running GW 7.0.3 on NW6.5. System has 1 domain, 1 PO, 1500
light/medium use mailboxes, 2 GWIA's, 1 Webaccess gateway. Domain/PO/1 GWIA
on a single server, other GWIA and Webaccess are on 2 other servers.

We will be upgrading to GW8 sometime in the near future. As part of this
upgrade we are also considering changing OS to either SLES or Win2008.
Likely an easier migration to SLES (correct me if I'm wrong), however from a
support perspective (ie. more support staff know Windows Server than Linux)
we might migrate the GW system to Win2008.

Can someone give me some info or point me to info on any performance
comparisons between GW running on NW 6.5/SLES/Windows as well as describe
any pros/cons/caveats regarding running GW on the different OS's.

Thanks a lot.