We are running BM 3.7 SP1 and are having a strange problem. The
occurs after a user browses the site www.yellowpages.com.au. When any

user browses to this site, for the next couple of minutes after this,
site that any user tries to browse (via BM server) will be
redirected to www.yellowpages.com.au. It is very strange!

I have had much trouble trying to figure out what is happening here.
strange thing about this site is that there are a lot of script errors

that occur if script debugging is turned on for the browser. I don't

know whether this gives any clue as to what is happening.

After a couple of minutes, any site can be accessed as per normal.
someone tries to access www.yellowpages.com.au, which causes the
to occur again).

I have tried clearing the cache, setting up the site
www.yellowpages.com.au to not be cached and have even tried different

browsers - (ie and netscape), but the problem still persists!

Does anyone out there know what could be going on here???

Any help would be appreciated...