It's been so long since I've had to mess with this I can't remember what/where this can be set it.

I have a server and it has a volume (it has 2 volumes to be precise)

One of the volumes has an IRF set for Supervisor (and nothing else is checked)

I am unable to CLEAR that IRF for some reason. ConsoleOne will show it grayed out.

iManager will let me uncheck it, but when I click Apply and then Refresh it has not removed it.

This is OES2 SP1 fully patched (for SP1 that is) Linux with NSS volumes.

The volume was created from scratch and we just did a miggui for the directories only, not the volume from the old NetWare server.

There's only one explicitly defined trustee at the volume "root" level (not /root, but at the root of the NSS volume).