ZCM doing DLU on an Citrix ZenApp 5.0 Server.
The normal process is:
- User starts a Citrix App
- ZCM creates the User with DLU on the server
- User ends the Citrix App
- the user will be logged out of the server (and if configured the ZCM Roaming Profl will be rewritten to the configured store)

This works "at short running app time" correctly with ZCM 10.3RC1 in the above discribed way.

- 3 minutes and 55/56 seconds after the Usersession to the server was opened a process "ZenUserDaemon.exe" starts automaticly!

And, IF THIS PROCESS is running the user will NOT BE LOOGED OUT if he close the app! (And the Terminal Server session will be held open!) This way we'll get problems with Citrix Load Balancing, saving the Roaming Profil and so on...
(See attached screenshot: the user has no app open and has to be logged out automaticaly, but will not.)

If I go to the server and Kill the process "ZenUserDaemon.exe" for the user the user will be logged out immediatly!

What can I do to not running into problems?

Regards - Frank