We have successfully done 7 ID Transfers.

We are upgrading from OES1 SP2 to OES2 SP2 64-bit.

Our 8th server appeared to transfer okay until we get to the last step and LUM repair. LUM repair fails. We have backed up and retried this several times and still get failure.

We dbl-checked critical files, like NIC settings, LDAP, SLP, etc.... and it doesn't appear we entered any information incorrectly during the OES2 SP2 install.

We checked rcnamcd status, it shows it as DEAD. Should this be loading?

What log files, config files can I check to try to trouble-shoot this and get the ID Transfer to complete successfully.

Note: An incorrect entry for the source server was found in the /etc/hosts file. This server incorrectly had the server #2s IP address instead of server #3s IP address. This error was noticed prior to the ID transfer, corrected and the server was rebooted.

These servers are part of a cluster.