I'm having trouble getting Macs (with OSX 10.6) to connect to our OES2SP1 Linux server (with all the current patches installed). The Macs can connect to our NWSP8 servers without any problems.

We have Universal Passwords configured & I have installed AFPTCP on the server & configured it using YaST.

In the Universal Password polices we use, the AFP proxy user is listed as able to retrieve passwords for each policy that applies to the various groups of users.

I also tried reconfiguring it with a new proxy user in case there was something wrong with my

The afptcpd log file show the following error when a user tries to connect:
afptcpd[3631]: [error] Proxy user failed to obtain user credentials. Ensure that proxy user has rights and the user is assigned to the appropriate policy. nmasldap_get_password error: <-1659>

I've tried a number of users with various password policies including the AFP Default Policy but none of them can attach to the server except Admin.

The Authentication Mode is set to Diffie-Hellman in the AFP configuration in iManager.

I've searched this forum for other info, but can't seem to find anything else to try.